KWC Certified Ambassadors deliver engaging, high-impact,  results-oriented wellness programs!

KWC Certified Ambassadors deliver engaging, high-impact,  results-oriented wellness programs!

Workplace Wellness Ambassador CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS

Workplace Wellness Ambassador CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS

Discover a dynamic career as a certified, highly specialized, and in-demand workplace wellness presenter, coach, coordinator, leader or consultant.

Our fully-facilitated, interactive, and skills-based online programs provide participants with innovative training and comprehensive resources to become global leaders in results-driven wellness programs.

Through our e-Learning platform, live webinars, group projects, and industry experts, our Certified Ambassadors gain specialized skills and toolkits for cultivating healthy, thriving organizations.



DISCOVER how to…

DISCOVER how to…

  • Grow your career as a global Workplace Wellness Change Agent
  • Expand your professional skill sets and reach new career heights through purpose-driven work
  • Cultivate healthy, engaged, and productive workplaces that set you apart in the industry
  • Lead wellness programs with off-the-shelf, ready-to-implement, brandable resources, such as Lunch and Learns, Wellness Campaigns, workshops, and much more
  • Deliver global wellness programs using virtual technologies
  • Network, develop, and grow with our Ambassador team and industry experts

Kimi Sokhi, CMWA (Dubai)

Welcome Future Ambassadors
My name is Lisa Kelly, Director of Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc.’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs. International, online- delivered programs featuring dynamic, experiential training in workplace wellness program design and delivery.

KWC Certified Ambassadors gain in-demand skills along with ongoing support in leading workplace wellness teams and initiatives.

Our facilitated, highly interactive programs provide a supportive and cost-effective approach to developing healthy and engaged workplaces.

We invite you to open each of our program features below to explore all that our WORKPLACE WELLNESS CERTIFICATION progams have to offer!

We invite you to open each of your program features below to explore all that our WORKPLACE WELLNESS CERTIFICATION progams have to offer!

Ambassador Program (Level 1)
Ambassador Program (Level 1)
Join our global team of KWC Certified Ambassadors!
Join our global team of KWC Certified Ambassadors!

Develop in-demand, specialized skills for developing and presenting corporate wellness Lunch and Learns, workshops and webinars.

Benefits to Becoming a Certified Workplace Wellness Ambassador


  • Entry-level training in Workplace Wellness (WW) for employment  as a WW Coach or Presenter
  • Skill development in Workplace Wellness basics including: employee wellness coaching; Lunch and Learns; wellness workshops, presentations and webinar delivery; and much more
  • Training/resources for development of Workplace Wellness Buddies and Wellness Champions
  • Introductory training in Ergonomics and Workplace Safety for promoting safe work practices with employees
  • Opportunity to collaborate and learn with others through group Lunch and Learn projects
  • Comprehensive toolkits and Lunch and Learn Database of brandable, off-the-shelf resources to hit the ground running
  • Networking and collaboration with Workplace Wellness mentors, coordinators, consultants, and coaches for ongoing support and career advancement

KWC Certified Ambassador presenting  “Magical Foods” Lunch and Learn

Ambassador Program Overview (Level 1)


  • The Ambassador Certification Program (Level 1) is a 10-week, fully facilitated, and virtually delivered program offered from October to December each year. 
  • Entry-level skill development in employee wellness coaching; Lunch and Learns; workshops, presentations and webinar delivery; and much more.
  • Module topics and toolkits – workplace wellness fundamentals; mindful eating; healthy weight management; healthy habits for healthy living; personal stress mastery and time management; Lunch and Learn design and delivery; engaging presentation techniques; intro to ergonomics and employee safety; developing wellness buddies and cultivating wellness champions.
  • Four interactive training webinars and an archived webinar library featuring workplace wellness presentations by industry leaders.
  • Implementable toolkits and a Lunch and Learn Database” of brandable, off-the-shelf Lunch and Learns created by participants in the Level 2 Campaign project.
  • Level 1 is a prerequisite for the Master Ambassador Certification Program (Level 2).

LEVEL 1 Certification Requirements

LEVEL 1 Certification Requirements

  • Complete 9 modules during the 10-week program including related discussion posts hosted on Ruzuku e-learning platform.
  • Complete weekly chapter readings and one related discussion post per chapter/per week from the book, Workplace Wellness That Works by Laura Putnam (purchase independently prior to program commencement).
  • Participate in a minimum of 2 of 4, two-hour interactive webinars led by KWC facilitators and industry guests including Laura Putnam. (Note: 1-2 page webinbar summaries required for missed webinars.)

Ambassador Program Modules

Click on each module title below for descriptions.

Module 1: Intro to Workplace Wellness Essentials
Week 1 – introduces the elements of a healthy workplace; Workplace Wellness benefits for employers and employees; and an overview of the modules in both certification levels – their intended purpose and value in cultivating healthy thriving workplaces.
Module 2: Focus on Healthy Eating
Weeks 2 and 3 provide an overview of our Focus on Healthy Eating Program including: principles of mindful eating; healthy weight management the non-diet way; and strategies for abundant living. Module 2 Toolkit features a selection of mindful eating tools, healthy living profiles, and interviews with leading health coaches; and includes two implementable Lunch and Learns – “Mindful Eating” and “Taking Charge of the Sugar Blues”.
Module 3: Healthy Habits for Life
Week 4 – presents strategies for cultivating a healthier lifestyle, improved health and vitality, and enhanced work performance. Each of these Dimensions of Wellness will be introduced and explored: Physical, Emotional, Career, Social, Financial, and Community. Module 3 Toolkit offers implementable healthy living resources and a “Find What Moves You!” Lunch and Learn.
Module 4: Mastering the Moment
Week 5 – provides wellness enhancing strategies that help individuals “moment the moment” for personal wellbeing, workplace effectiveness, and personal productivity. Topics include resilience and stress mastery, time management, mindfulness and meditation, scheduling and prioritization, and techniques for working smarter not harder. Module 4 Toolkit includes a Living the Moment” Lunch and Learn.
Module 5: “WOW” Lunch and Learns

Week 6 – presents elements involved in the design and delivery of engaging Lunch and Learns. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in creating Lunch and Learn interest surveys, agendas, handouts, activities, evaluations, along with interactive facilitation tips that
inspire and motivate employees. “WOW” Lunch and Learn Toolkit includes assessment templates, agenda samples, presentation tips and techniques, interactive activities, and energizers. Modules 5 and 6 will provide all the necessary training and tools for the creation of the group Lunch and Learn certification project. Module 5 Toolkit includes a “Magical Foods” Lunch and Learn (and interactive Superfoods Bingo Game complete with brandable handouts, cards, posters, etc.).

Module 6: Engaging Presentation Techniques
Week 7 – offers engaging presentation tips and techniques for the delivery of transformational presentations, workshops, campaigns, etc. Topics include adult learning principles, graphic design basics using Canva, PowerPoint tips, onsite and virtual presentation techniques, webinar tips and tools, etc. Module 6 Toolkit includes presentation design and delivery tip sheets, training tutorials, etc. Modules 5 and 6  provide the necessary tools and training for the group-developed Lunch and Learn projects for program certification.
Module 7: Intro to Ergonomics and Workplace Safety
Week 8 – provides foundational training and skill sets for cultivating safe work practices and healthy work environments. Topics include basic ergonomic principles and application to office settings, safe work practices for injury prevention including back care tips, fundamentals of conducting an employee comfort survey, and much more. Module 7 Toolkit includes the Ergonomics webinar PowerPoint presentation, implementable handouts, and a dynamic “Work It Out” Lunch and Learn.
Module 8: Developing Workplace Wellness Buddies
Week 9 – provides strategies and coaching fundamentals for establishing, leading, and fostering Workplace Wellness Buddy programs. Participants gain knowledge and skills in how to promote, recruit, match, and develop wellness buddies for enhanced employee health, motivation, and increased engagement in worksite wellness programs. Module 8 Toolkit includes an implementable “Developing Workplace Wellness Buddies” Lunch and Learn.
Module 9: Cultivating Wellness Champions
Week 10 – explores the imperatives of cultivating Wellness Champions for the development of engaging, employee-driven Workplace Wellness programs. Participants are trained in: recruiting and developing Wellness Champions; facilitating Champion training workshops; and nurturing employee support and involvement in wellness program offerings. Module 9 Toolkit includes a four-part training series, “Cultivating Wellness Champions” for Ambassador development of wellness champions within their organizations or client organizations (i.e. to serve as a component of a “comprehensive” wellness program – not intended as a stand alone offering).
Ambassador Program Lunch and Learns

Plus, additional Lunch and Learns provided in the Ambassador Lunch and Learn Database!

Workplace Wellness Ambassador Marketing Tools

Workplace Wellness Ambassador MARKETING TOOLS

Master Ambassador Program (Level 2)
Master Ambassador Program
(Level 2)

Join our global team of KWC Certified Master Ambassadors!

Join our global team of KWC Certified Master Ambassadors!

Develop in-demand, specialized skills for leading high-impact corporate wellness programs and cultivating vibrant work cultures.

Benefits to Becoming a
Certified Master Workplace Wellness AmbassadoR

Benefits to Becoming a Certified Master WORKPLACE WELLNESS AMBASSADOR

  • Advanced training in Workplace Wellness for employment as a Coordinator, Consultant, Program Trainer, or Coach
  • Experiential, hands-on learning and support in Workplace Wellness program design and delivery
  • Career advancement, enhanced income, and consultancy growth potential
  • Opportunity to collaborate and learn with others through group wellness campaign projects
  • Progressive skill development in Workplace Wellness involving:
    » wellness committee leadership
    » assessments and analysis
    » program design and delivery
    » project planning & management
    » onsite and virtual presentations
    » communications and promotions
    » business development and marketing
  • Expanded toolkits and comprehensive Wellness Campaign Database
  • Marketing Toolkit for advanced employment and/or consulting opportunities in Workplace Wellness
  • Mastermind sessions for Workplace Wellness program development and marketing support
  • Future growth potential to become a KWC Inc. program facilitator or coach
Pamela Dempster, CMWA,  CCPE
Pamela Dempster OT(c) & Associates     Corporate Wellness & Ergonomic Consulting

Master Ambassador Program Overview
(Level 2)

Master Ambassador Program Overview
(Level 2)

  • The Master Ambassador Certification Program (Level 2) is a 10-week, fully facilitated, and virtually delivered program offered from January to March each year.
  • Advanced training and resources for KWC Certified Ambassadors serving in wellness leadership roles or pursuing such.
  • The Ambassador Program (Level 1) is a prerequisite for the Master Ambassador Program (Level 2).
  • Comprehensive workplace wellness skill development – organizational audits; wellness assessments; annual program planning; campaign design/delivery; committee leadership, project planning and management; and virtual presentation delivery.
  • Four interactive training webinars and an Archived Webinar Library featuring workplace wellness presentations by industry leaders.
  • Implementable toolkits and a Wellness Campaign Databaseof brandable, off-the-shelf Lunch and Learns and Campaigns from each Level 2 project
  • Master Ambassadors will have completed 20 weeks of worksite wellness training upon completion of both levels for professional development and Continuing Education Credits.

Level 2
Certification Requirements

Level 2 Certification Requirements

  • Complete 6 modules during the 10-week program including related discussion posts and skill-building activities hosted on Ruzuku e-learning platform.
  • Participate in a minimum of 2 of 4, two-hour interactive webinars led by program facilitators and industry guests. (Note: 1-2 page webinar summaries are required for missed webinars, excluding the mandatory final webinar involving group presentations.)
  • Participate in a Workplace Wellness Campaign’ Group Project developed virtually in small groups throughout the program.
  • Participate in the group campaign presentation during the final webinar. (Group projects are assessed by guest industry experts. Campaign projects are added to the Wellness Campaign Database from each program.)
Courtney Benedict, CMWA
Whole Wellness for Life LLC

Master Ambassadors receive new Lunch and Learns and Wellness Campaigns each year from program group projects to add to their Workplace Wellness toolkits.

Master Ambassador Program

Master Ambassador Program Modules

Click on each module title below for descriptions.

Module 1: Workplace Wellness Essentials
Week 1introduces the Workplace Wellness value proposition; a healthy workplace framework; flowchart and process overview for establishing and leading “employee-driven” Workplace Wellness programs that foster healthy, thriving workplaces.
Module 2: Assessment, Design & Implementation
Week 2 – provides processes and tools for organizational audits; wellness assessments and surveys; wellness policy creation; committee development; program budgeting; and program development and implementation.
Module 3: Workplace Wellness Campaigns
Week 3 – presents fundamentals of wellness campaigns and development protocols; campaign samples; kickoff event and wellness fair checklists; Lunch and Learn ideas, strategies, and templates.
Module 4: Communicating Workplace Wellness
Week 4 – provides strategies and templates for creating engaging, high-impact wellness posters, e-bulletins, emails, newsletters, and handouts; KWC Workplace Wellness Communications Funnel; Communication Plan template; checklists for launching wellness campaigns; event promotion template and samples.
Module 5: Wellness Leadership Fundamentals
Week 5 – deep dives into strategies for fostering management and employee support for Workplace Wellness; protocols for creating and leading healthy work cultures; wellness leadership checklist; preparation of and templates for wellness proposals and business plans (also provided in Marketing Toolkit); wellness committee roles and responsibilities; self-directed wellness; cultivating workplace effectiveness and operational excellence.
Module 6: Wellness Program Evaluation & Sustainability
Week 6 – explores various evaluation processes, tools and templates; performance metrics; strategies for communicating evaluation results; and fostering wellness sustainability.

Master Ambassador
Campaign Database

Master Ambassador Campaign Database

Dynamic . Interactive . Engaging Campaigns

Marissa Needles, CMWA

Wellness Specialist, Apple Inc.
Australia and New Zealand

Our Master Ambassadors are leaders in employee-driven workplace wellness programs.

Master Ambassador
Marketing Toolkit

Master Ambassador Marketing Toolkit

Our Certified Master Ambassadors receive a comprehensive Marketing Toolkit containing:
  • Workplace Wellness consulting brochures
  • Rack card template
  • Proposal templates
  • Bio page templates
  • Pricing options and guidelines
Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc.’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs are activating agents of change around the world.

This is exactly the kind of in-depth training we need to turn around the tide of poor health and well-being.

I look forward to working with KWC Inc. Ambassadors as they explore ways to apply concepts from Workplace Wellness That Works to start a movement, build a movement, and sustain a movement of well-being within their organizations.

Laura Putnam

Author of Workplace Wellness That Works
and CEO of Motion Infusion

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