Focus on Healthy Eating Program



It’s a proven fact – healthier employees are not only physically, mentally, and emotionally more equipped, so are their employers, who reap the benefits too. In companies where employees are healthier, studies show there is higher productivity, stronger workplace culture, and better-than-average staff loyalty. One of the most effective ways to support employee health is through “mindful eating” programs such as KWC’s Focus on Healthy Eating Program – a dynamic wellness program co-created and facilitated by over 20 international, certified health coaches/KWC Master Workplace Wellness Ambassadors. Through group and private coaching, our Focus facilitators help exhausted, stressed, and de-motivated employees become happier, healthier, and more energetic… and in so doing, transform work environments into highly productive, results-oriented teams!

The Focus on Healthy Eating Program is a 6 or 12-week mindful eating and healthy weight management program designed to help individuals live a better, richer life… and gives employers the opportunity to give back to their staff.

This highly interactive program is delivered through onsite, online, or blended offerings.  There’s also an opportunity for qualified individuals to become a Certified Focus on Healthy Eating Program Facilitator. Discover how to cultivate a healthy, FOCUSed, and high performing organization through our dynamic program offerings featured below.

Click on each of the 3 images below to explore our Focus Program offerings.

CLICK on each of the 3 IMAGES below to explore our Focus Program offerings.

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