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Owner and Founder, Kat Maeda Health and Wellness

Summary: Kat Maeda, Owner and Founder of Kat Maeda Health Wellness is an certified holistic health coach, Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador, detox specialist, and Ayurveda Wellness Consultant. Passionate about health and wellbeing, Kat empowers and helps her clients create vibrant, health with sustainable lifestyle changes.
Orange County, CA USA, California, USA 92656
Phone: 949-735-9173

Karen L. Harris Consulting, LLC

Summary: Karen Harris, Owner of Karen L. Harris Consulting, LLC and DBA Simple Steps to Wellness, is a Certified Health Coach, Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador, Focus on Healthy Eating Facilitator and Stressmaster International Associate, who uses her knowledge and skills to partner with people on their path to wellness.
Richardson, Texas, USA 75081
Phone: 469-291-5781

Roslyn Yee, Vibrant Life International LLC

Summary: Roslyn Yee, Founder, Vibrant Life International LLC is a Workplace Wellness and Stress Mastery Specialist who is passionate about helping organizations create vibrant, healthy and productive workplaces as well as guide and educate employees, executives and individuals on how to become more stress resilient and make positive lifestyle changes [...]
Lutz, Florida, USA 33549
Phone: 813.997.7985

Sabrina Gonder, Owner, Get Healthy With Sabrina, LLC

Summary: Sabrina Gonder, Owner, Get Healthy With Sabrina, LLC and Partner/VP Training, Real Workplace Wellness is a Consultant, trainer, health coach, and Focus on Healthy Eating Facilitator with a passion for helping others live their best life by helping clients take small steps daily to transform their life.
Washington state, USA 99212
Phone: 509.270.2665

Lisa Kelly, Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc./Founder, Focus on Healthy Eating Program

Summary: Lisa Kelly, President and Founder, Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc. is an international Workplace Wellness consultant, trainer, and coach with a passion for creating results-driven Workplace Wellness programs/solutions that optimize personal well-being and organizational performance.
Edmonton, AB, Canada T8N 7C3
Phone: 780.718.8770

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