KWC Certified Ambassadors deliver engaging, high-impact,  results-oriented wellness programs!

Our next Level 1 Certification Program begins October 9, 2017!

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Workplace Wellness Ambassador CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS

Discover a dynamic career as a certified, highly specialized, and in-demand workplace wellness presenter, coach, coordinator, leader or consultant.

Our fully-facilitated, interactive, and skills-based online programs provide participants with innovative training and comprehensive resources to become global leaders in results-driven wellness programs.

Through our e-Learning platform, live webinars, group projects, and industry experts, our Certified Ambassadors gain specialized skills and toolkits for cultivating healthy, thriving organizations.


DISCOVER how to…

  • Grow your career as a global Workplace Wellness Change Agent
  • Expand your professional skill sets and reach new career heights through purpose-driven work
  • Cultivate healthy, engaged, and productive workplaces that set you apart in the industry
  • Lead wellness programs with off-the-shelf, ready-to-implement, brandable resources, such as Lunch and Learns, Wellness Campaigns, workshops, and much more
  • Deliver global wellness programs using virtual technologies
  • Network, develop, and grow with our Ambassador team and industry experts

Kimi Sokhi, CMWA (Dubai)

Welcome Future Ambassadors

My name is Lisa Kelly, Director of Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc.’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs. International, online- delivered programs featuring dynamic, experiential training in workplace wellness program design and delivery.

KWC Certified Ambassadors gain in-demand skills along with ongoing support in leading workplace wellness teams and initiatives.

Our facilitated, highly interactive programs provide a supportive and cost-effective approach to developing healthy and engaged workplaces.

Explore all that our WORKPLACE WELLNESS CERTIFICATION progams have to offer!

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