Focus on Healthy Eating Program
“Certified Facilitator”


You are invited to join KWC Inc.’s global team of Workplace Wellness/Health Coaching professionals who are:

  • revolutionizing Workplace Wellness program delivery
  • delivering transformational mindful eating and healthy weight management programs

In considering this career-defining opportunity, imagine yourself:

  • becoming an international, highly specialized Workplace Wellness Health Coach
  • joining a global team of Workplace Wellness professionals
  • acquiring a comprehensive, 6- or 12-week mindful eating/healthy weight management program for workplaces, community groups, and one-on-one client coaching
  • enhancing your earning potential as a Workplace Wellness coach and consultant
  • cultivating innovative, virtual health coaching skills for program delivery
  • developing client-centered, mindful eating coaching techniques that foster internally motivated transformations

Journey with us to DISCOVER all the BENEFITS that await you as a Focus on Healthy Eating Program Certified Facilitator and a member of our international team of health coaches.



The Focus on Healthy Eating Program is a transformational, 6 or 12-week mindful eating and healthy weight management program designed for onsite and online delivery to workplaces, communities, and health coaching clients.

This dynamic, one of-a-kind program was co-developed by over 20 leading, international KWC Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassadors/Health Coaches.

The program is delivered globally by highly trained and certified Focus Program facilitators possessing each of the following certifications:

  • Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador
  • Focus on Healthy Eating Program Certified Facilitator
  • Nutrition or Health Coaching certificate

As a Focus on Healthy Eating Program “Certified Facilitator” you will:

  • Become an international, highly specialized, mindful eating program facilitator
  • Grow your Health Coaching and/or Workplace Wellness offering and business
  • Facilitate dynamic onsite/online programs involving 6 Focus modules, toolkits with over 60 handouts, interactive group activities, and much more
  • Gain the attention of employers and clients with high-converting, brandable Focus promotional resources
  • Access ongoing Facilitator training and peer support to set you up for success
  • Become part of KWC’s global team of Certified Master Ambassadors/Focus Program Facilitators!

Benefits to YOUR Clients…

Through participation in a Focus on Healthy Eating Program, your clients will:

  • Restore their energy, Achieve vibrant health, and cultivate inner well-being
  • Break free from diets that leave them nutritionally depleted, hungry, and dissatisfied
  • Reduce their anxieties and develop a healthy relationship with food
  • Develop strategies for managing emotional eating
  • Nourish their body, mind, and spirit for abundant living
  • Cultivate mindful eating and healthy weight management strategies for LIFE!

Certify as a Workplace Wellness Master Ambassador and qualify to train and become a Focus on Healthy Eating Program “Certified Facilitator”

WHY was the program CREATED?

The Focus on Healthy Eating Program was co-created by over 20 KWC Inc. Master Ambassadors/Health Coaches to offer a mindful, healthy eating program alternative for workplaces and clients that embraces responsible coaching and non-diet approaches.

WHO are program CLIENTS?

The Focus on Healthy Eating Program is delivered to employers/employees; private health coaching clients; and community organizations including health clinics, community centers, non-profit organizations, and others.

HOW is the program DELIVERED?

The Focus on Healthy Eating Program is facilitated through 3 delivery options:

  • Onsite programs

  • Online programs

  • Blended programs (onsite with online support)


Focus on Healthy Eating Program facilitators deliver client-centered, results-driven wellness programs. Through comprehensive training in KWC Inc.’s 3-tiered certification programs, Focus Program Facilitators possess solid skills in both corporate and personal health and wellness for organizational/employee well-being, growth, and success.

Focus on Healthy Eating – UP CLOSE:

Dynamic Training:

  • 6 or 12-week program
  • 3 facilitated program options:
    • Onsite
    • Online
    • Blended (onsite and online)
  • 60-minute, facilitator-led sessions
  • Interactive group activities
  • Weekly “Take Action” Activities
  • Program certificate of completion

Program Resources:

  • 6 Program Modules
  • Module Toolkits
  • Over 60 participant handouts
  • Focus Wellness Wheel
  • Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire & “90 Day” Take action Planner
  • Focus “Food and Mood Journal”
  • Whole Foods Meal Planner and Grocery Guide
  • 20 Healthy Living Profiles
  • 12 Health Coach Video interviews
  • Focus Recipe eBook

Coaching Support:

  • 6 Custom coaching and delivery options to suit organizational/ employee needs
  • Weekly emails of mindful eating and healthy living tips
  • Online community for weekly peer support (option)
  • Post-program employee health coaching (option)

Inspire and Motivate Focus Program participants with Focus on Healthy Eating “Health Coach Interview Series”


Click above to view one of our Focus Program Health Coach Interviews!

As a Focus Program Facilitator you receive 12 health coaching interviews for professional development and to share with clients!

You will also receive a brandable, high-converting Focus Program Marketing Toolkit to professionally promote yourself to employers and clients!


Intro Emails

Sales Pages

How do I become a Focus on Healthy Eating Program Facilitator?

Step 1: Meet the Focus Facilitator Qualifying Criteria

  • health coaching or wellness-related certificate, diploma, or degree
  • registration in the Certified Master Ambassador Program (see below)

Qualifying Master Ambassador Program registrants interested in becoming a Focus Facilitator are encouraged to sign up for Option 3 of Workplace Wellness Ambassador Program to take advantage of the fee-savings offer outlined in the Investment Section of our Workplace Wellness Ambassador Program.

The Focus on Healthy Eating Certified Facilitator Program may also be purchased post Master Ambassador certification for a separate, enhanced fee as detailed in the Investment section.

Focus Program registrants are to email a scanned or photo image of their Health Coaching or wellness-related certificate, diploma, or degree with their program registration forms within 48 hours of program purchase. Proof of professional liability insurance coverage is required to become certified as a Focus on Healthy Eating Program Facilitator (i.e. upon completion of the Focus on Healthy Eating Program Facilitator Certification training.) 

By purchasing Option 3 (or through future sign up post Master Ambassador program), you are doing so with the intent of fulfilling the requirements to become a Focus on Healthy Eating Program Certified Facilitator as outlined below.

Master Ambassadors/Health Coaches have up to one year post Master Ambassador program to fulfill the certification requirements to become a Focus on Healthy Eating Program Certified Facilitator.

Step 2: Study Focus Program Materials & Posts

Registrants of the Focus on Healthy Eating Certified Facilitator Program are provided Focus Program resources immediately upon successful completion of the Master Ambassador program.

Upon receipt of Focus Program materials, trainees are to review all resources and discussion posts in the Focus Facilitator online community groups (i.e. Ruzuku eLearning platform and Facebook group).

Step 3: Participate in Focus Facilitator Training Webinar

Upon completion of the Master Ambassador Certification Program, Focus Program Facilitator registrants participate in a live, interactive, training webinar and receive ongoing coaching support via the online community group.

Step 4: Deliver a Focus “Pilot” Program

Focus Program Facilitator trainees, are encouraged to schedule and pilot their first 12-week Focus on Heathy Eating Program within 3-6 months of receipt of training. Programs may be piloted through onsite, online, or blended delivery to a group of employees, community, or private health coaching clients.

Step 5: Prepare a Focus Pilot Summary Report

During delivery and upon completion of a 12-week Pilot program, Focus Program Facilitators prepare a summary report of their Pilot experiences including: program highlights, successes, challenges; participant experiences and testimonials; and any recommendations for program enhancement. Summary reports are to be submitted within four weeks of Pilot completion.

Step 6: Issue of Focus Program Facilitator Certificate

Trainees meeting the above certification criteria will receive their “Focus on Healthy Eating Program Facilitator Certificate” and crest within 7-10 days.


via our Focus Facilitator Database

Focus Program facilitators are actively promoted by KWC Inc. to employers through this database and direct referrals!

Plus, it gets even better!

Coming in 2018…

Join our select group of international Focus on Healthy Eating Program Facilitators!


Wait, there’s more…



YES, I want to become

 part of the Focus Facilitator team!

Your healthiest, VIBRANT and abundant life awaits!

Program Disclaimer

Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc. (hereafter KWC Inc.) Focus on Healthy Eating Program Facilitators, Certified Ambassadors/Master Ambassadors, operate as independent contractors and are not employees or agents of KWC Inc.

Neither KWC Inc., Lisa Kelly, nor KWC Inc. Focus on Healthy Eating Program Facilitators, Certified Ambassadors/Master Ambassadors or KWC Affiliates are acting in the capacity of a doctor, licensed psychologist or other licensed or registered professional. The information provided in the Focus on Healthy Eating Program, KWC Inc. programs and KWC Inc. website is for educational and informational purposes only. KWC Inc. does not prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any condition.

KWC Inc.’s educational material, programs and consultations are not intended to replace qualified medical professional services, and they are not intended as medical advice. You are advised to always consult your physician before making any significant diet, lifestyle or prescription drug changes. You agree at all times to indemnify and hold harmless, KWC Inc., Lisa Kelly, its employees, KWC Inc. Focus Program Facilitators, Certified Ambassadors/Master Ambassadors, KWC Inc. Associates, and Affiliates from and against delays, injuries, harm, loss, damage, death, lost profits, personal or business interruptions, or related issues as well as any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including legal fees and expenses) arising out of or related to our programs, products or services as experienced by you, your company or your affiliates.

For full Disclaimers and other Terms, refer to the full Program Disclaimer in Program Overview and also KWC Inc. Terms and Conditions.

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