Workplace Wellness Excellence

Workplace Wellness Excellence offers employers the same comprehensive, cost-effective approach for organizational wellness development as the “Enhanced Program” option, but with the addition of KWC’s Executive Wellness Leadership Program*.

Through its focus on wellness leadership of employees up to C-suite executives, this program delivers as its name implies…                   Excellence in Workplace Wellness.

This workplace wellness development package is available through both customized and public program offerings to meet employer’s unique needs, interests, and budgets.

(*Executive Wellness Leadership Program available Fall, 2018)


  • Comprehensive approach to developing vibrant work cultures through inclusive, employee-led wellness programs
  • Executive/senior management wellness leadership training and development for workplace wellness excellence and enhanced organizational performance
  • Custom or public program training of Workplace Wellness Ambassadors, Wellness Champions, and Wellness Buddies
  • Bundled solution offering considerable fee savings to organizations of all sizes
  • Diverse selection of customizable, off-the-shelf wellness programs to meet organizational/employee wellness needs
  • Support with wellness committee and policy/charter development for inclusive wellbeing development, engagement, and sustainability
  • Guidance and consulting support with organizational wellness audit, employee needs assessments, and program planning and implementation
  • Industry recognition for organizational and employee wellness development through KWC’s “Employees in Motion” Global Workplace Wellness Movement

Provides customized corporate wellness
training and development

  • Wellness Committee Development
  • Organizational Wellness Audit
  • Employee Needs and Interest Survey
  • Strategic Program Planning
  • Policy Development
  • Wellness Campaigns
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Wellness Workshops
  • Workplace Ergonomics & Safety Basics
  • Wellness Fair Consulting
Compliments of Kelly Goodwin, CWWA

Compliments of Kelly Goodwin, CWWA

WORKPLACE WELLNESS EXCELLENCE includes special pricing and access to these KWC programs and resources

  • Executive Wellness Leadership Program (Fall, 2018)
  • Workplace Wellness Ambassador Program (open or custom program)
  • Wellness Champion Program
  • Wellness Buddy Program
  • Focus on Healthy Eating Program
  • Stress Mastery for Success (Fall, 2018)
  • KWC Lunch & Learns
  • KWC Wellness Campaigns
  • “Your Wellness Toolkit” Quarterly Publications
  • “Employees in Motion” Certificate

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*Note: certain conditions and restrictions apply. Bundled options and individual program fees based on the number of participating employees and breadth of contracted programs and service

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