Our corporate wellness solutions cultivate healthy, vibrant, and inclusive work cultures.

Employees SUPPORT
what they help CREATE!

Corporate Wellness – just another buzzword? Or, part of the strategy successful  companies use to exceed their goals and thrive in an ever-changing market?

At Kelly Wellness Consulting (KWC), we believe it’s the latter!

That’s why we created “Corporate Solutions”. 

It has been well proven that healthier, happier, and nutured employees are more dedicated, loyal, and higher-performing. Wellness, wellbeing, and work-life balance are all cogs in the same wheel – the wheel that cultivates growth and profits.


Ready to cultivate a vibrant wellness culture and energized employees?

If YES, learn how our innovative and comprehensive wellness offerings will take your organization to the next level.

KWC’s inclusive, high-impact workplace wellness solutions

  • help foster Agents of Change through highly trained managers/executives and certified Wellness Ambassadors/Wellness Champions
  • nurture performance improvement leaders, reflective self-leaders, and design thinkers
  • offer high-impact ― high-commitment training and development
  • promote experiential and applied learning and skill development
  • energize organizations and transform them into learning cultures
  • mobilize employee readiness to change
  • help create new paradigms, new ways of doing, new ways of thinking
  • cultivate shared goals and common values
  • build cultures that nurture employee engagement and renewal
  • increase employee ownership of corporate growth and success
  • cultivate and enhance organizational performance and total organizational wellbeing
  • foster total employee wellbeing and organizational health – one Ambassador, one employee, one team at a time

Cultivate a high-performance ― growth-oriented organization with our suite of
Corporate Wellness Solutions

From small business to large enterprise, this bundled solution will help your organization establish, grow, and maintain a wellness culture, enhanced and supported by wellness Ambassadors, Champions and Buddies.

Everything you need for comprehensive, cost-effective workplace wellness. This bundled solution gives you the full suite of benefits available in the Enhanced program, plus our Executive Wellness Leadership Program.

Ideal for mid-sized to large organizations. This bundled solution offers everything you need to establish and grow an employee-led wellness culture in your organization.

KWC’s bundled Workplace Wellness offerings deliver innovative, cost-effective, and customizable solutions unlike any other workplace wellness development opportunity.

Our wellness solutions help companies nurture shared values and develop values-based employees. Workplace wellness and organizational performance become one and the same and are embedded into the corporate fabric.

KWC’s corporate wellness solutions are raising the bar and quickly becoming the gold standard for employee wellness and the development of healthy, thriving work cultures.

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