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Workplace wellness & organizational performance… making the connection!

Over the last couple of decades, there has been a major shift to understanding and enhancing employee wellness. When you look after your staff, you create values-based employees, cohesive teams, and a more positive working environment – and that translates into results-driven and self-leading employees, which is good for business.

Research has shown that employee well-being – meaning their whole physical, mental, and emotional health – has a direct effect on performance.

The better employees perform, the better their companies perform. Period.

Why train with us?

When you partner with us, you will get experiential and applied training for advanced skill development so you can effectively engage and support companies in cultivating thriving organizations and healthy employees.

Creating a culture of wellness takes more than a willingness to engage – it takes world-class solutions, well-developed skills, and “high-involvement – high commitment” programs that deliver results.

Our comprehensive certification programs offer leading edge, implementable/ customizable solutions so you can help your organization or corporate clients achieve optimal wellness and create a platform for growth and success.

But it’s more than just performance.

Happier, healthier employees stick around longer, are more loyal, and are more willing to improve their skills for the benefit of their employer.

Fostering employee wellness gives companies a competitive edge when it comes to hiring the best skilled and most talented staff.

KWC’s workplace wellness solutions positively address the many issues facing companies today: absenteeism, staff turnover, recruitment and retention of top talent, employee stress, and diminished employee morale and motivation.

Employee well-being is everyone’s responsibility…

However, as a wellness coach, manager, HR director, safety officer, workplace medical representative, or administrative professional, you have a keen interest in:

  • helping mitigate employee stress and absenteeism
  • boosting employee morale, motivation, and performance
  • building a culture of wellness within organizations
  • helping employees take ownership of corporate success

High impact solutions for workplace well-being!

Whether an internal/external corporate wellness consultant or a private health or business coach, you need the right program and the right approach to effectively support your clients.

Our Corporate Solutions and Ambassador certification programs provide high-impact programs and toolkits for workplace wellness development, business, and health coaching.


Corporate Solutions

Workplace Wellness Essentials
Workplace Wellness Enhanced
Workplace Wellness Excellence


Certification Programs

Ambassador Program
Master Ambassador Program
Focus on Healthy Eating Program

Healthier, happier employees optimize employee performance, employee retention, and organizational growth!

As a KWC Certified Workplace Wellness Ambassador working directly with employees, management, and private coaching clients, you will be at the forefront of cultivating healthy and productive individuals.

As a KWC Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador you will become a corporate Change Agent and leading influence in cultivating vibrant, high performing organizations.

Hear what industry experts and our Ambassadors have to say…

Laura Putnam

Laura Putnam

CEO of Motion Infusion
Author of Workplace Wellness That Works

Kelly Wellness Consulting Inc.’s Workplace Wellness Ambassador Certification Programs are activating agents of change around the world.

John Toomey

John Toomey

The Fatigue Professor, CEO of Global Wellness

If you have anything to do with corporate health or employee engagement, then you must check out the Workplace Wellness Ambassador Progam. It’s a brilliant idea.

 Jim Petersen, Ph.D.

Jim Petersen, Ph.D.

Stressmaster International

Lisa, your program is the ‘gold standard’ for Workplace Wellness certification training… I will be referring people to your next class.

Sami Forbes, CMWA

Sami Forbes, CMWA

The Cultivate Self – Nutrition and Wellness Consulting

This program is an amazing value! Having shopped numerous programs that focused too heavily on the marketing and income and not enough on learning the industry, I luckily found Kelly Wellness Consulting.

KWC Ambassador Advantage

Become a Certified Master Workplace Wellness Ambassador and…

  • Get yourself noticed – and hired – with a global Workplace Wellness certification
  • Gain invaluable, specialized skills that position you as a leader and Change Agent
  • Enhance your growth, marketability, and earnings potential
  • Learn from industry experts with interactive, hands-on training
  • Stand out with cost-effective employer and employee well-being solutions
  • Cultivate skills to facilitate global wellness programs using virtual technology
  • Foster safe working environments with expert ergonomics and safety training
  • Develop virtual team-building skills from experiential group certification projects
  • Acquire off-the-shelf wellness programs and coaching tools to hit-the-ground running
  • Access a growing library of implementable brandable marketing resources, as well as Lunch & Learns and Wellness Campaigns
  • Be mentored to advance your wellness career
  • Join a supportive, collaborative, world-wide network of wellness professionals

“High performance companies today are positioning workplace wellness programs as a core business strategy, with leadership support driving participation.”

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